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Automated Forex Signals

The Key Advantages of Automated Forex Trading

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What is Forex Teemo?

Forex Teemo is a world class trading strategy that intelligently exploits the “buy-low-sell-high” techniques along with semi-hedging to maximize trading profits. Forex Teemo has a relatively low drawdown % and minimal risk of ruining your account while bringing in more than 100% returns to your capital each year.

Forex Teemo trades predominantly EURUSD and keeps trades open for an average of 20 to 30 days. This reliable strategy has also been live tested on the 2008 – the worst EURUSD slide in recent memory – and is built to survive and thrive in whatever the next economy crisis may be.

There’s no need to monitor the market or come up with any daily analysis – Forex Teemo does all the dirty work everyday and I’ll personally monitor it once every 4 hours to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Let’s just put it this way – Forex Teemo is another name you call your ATM.

There are so many scams out there, how do I know if your signals are genuine?

I offer third-party verified trading results and have dozens of real profitable subscribers to back that up. Scammers don’t.

Why sell such profitable Forex signals?

There’s times in one’s life that making good money alone doesn’t bring you enough satisfaction. There are just too many unprofitable traders around without the right helping hand. I feel I could offer more to the Forex community than just making money alone.

What is the minimum requirement to trade with Forex Teemo?

Forex Teemo trades 0.1 lot per transaction for every USD 10,000.00 account.
We highly recommend subscribers to trade with 0.025 lot per transaction for a minimum USD 2,500.00 account.

What's your Money Management?

We trade 0.1 lot per transaction per USD 10k in your account. Thereafter we adjust the trading size everytime your account grows by USD 5k. For example, 0.15 when your account reaches USD 15k, 0.2 at USD 20k, and so forth.

What rate of return should I expect trading with Forex Teemo?

Forex Teemo could grow any Forex account by roughly 100% within a year. We are well beyond that target so far in 2013.

Should I expect to see % growth everyday with Forex Teemo?

No. Forex Teemo is built to capitalize on strong market movements which occur about 2 to 3 times a month. Most of the days you will see small % of drawdown so you’ll need to be patient and let Forex Teemo does his job.

Why don't you place Stoploss?

We do close trades with losses. Trading without stoploss doesn’t mean we wait out for every trade to turn into profits. Forex Teemo takes advantage of market movements and balance out price differences and makes consistent overall profits from there.

Which Forex brokers do you recommend?

You should look into this list.

What is your refund policy?

If you couldn’t get our copier to work for you within the first 3 business days send me an email and I’ll provide you with a full refund. Any other refund requests beyond 3 business days will not be guaranteed.

Do you offer trial?

Unfortunately no. Forex Teemo offers verified trading results. Our trading strategy is proven and there’s nothing to try. If you want to make serious money with Forex, get serious and join us.

Why is your support 24/5 instead of 24/7?

Well, I answer all support questions personally and I value my weekend breaks. I’ll get to your questions/issues when I’m available during the weekends but I can’t guarantee that, though.

Do you sell your trading strategies?


I'm not ready to subscribe now, will I get the rate the next time I come back?

I can’t guarantee that. All I can promise is that:
  1. The earlier you join the cheaper it gets and you get to lock in at that rate for life.
  2. The more subscribers we have, the more likely we are going to raise the subscription fees for new members.
  3. The earlier you start, the faster you can grow your profits exponentially.

What does 'License' means?

A license is required to tie your MT4 trading account to our system in order to copy our trades and execute on your end.

1 License = 1 MT4 account.

Basic and Premium Packages provide 1 License upon signup.

If you require more than 1 license, there will be an additional charges. Please contact us for details.

Can I change my MT4 after I joined?

Yes. Subscribers are allowed to change accounts once per month.

Please contact support for the desired change.

What does Capital Limit means on the Pricing Table?

Capital Limit refers to the capital you start with when signing up your Forex account.

Basic packages support trading accounts with capital up to $25,000, while Premium accounts support anywhere from $25,001 to $100,000.

Scenario 1:

Tom subscribed Forex Teemo and starts trading with $15,000 capital. Since Tom is qualified for the Capital Limit of Basic accounts, he should go for Basic Yearly.

However, by the end of first year, Forex Teemo has grown Tom’s account by 100% to $30,000. 

Then our team would inform and upgrade Tom’s account to Premium in order to continue trading.


Scenario 2:

Tom’s account has grown by 100% to $30,000 but he decided to stay on the Basic Package.

Then Tom would need to keep his account at $25,000 or less at the beginning of next annual billing cycle.

To achieve so, Tom would need to either withdraw the balance capital from his account, or transfer it to a subsidiary account which isn’t currently being traded by Forex Teemo.


Scenario 3:

Tom has decided to stay Basic the second year and reduced his trading capital to $25,000.

2 months down the road, Tom realizes he has extra $10,000 and would like to re-invest them into his account.

Our team would then upgrade Tom’s account to Premium and bill the remaining months based on pro-rata.


Scenario 4:

7 months later, Tom’s account has grown from $35,000 to $50,000 and he decided to withdraw $40,000 to invest in somewhere else. would not refund any differences for the downgrade on accounts.

However, at the end of the billing cycle, our team would automatically downgrade your account to Basic to reflect your starting balance for the upcoming period.

*Spoiler* I want to count the eggs before they are laid, can you do the maths for me?

Alright. Assuming you start trading with $30,000 on January 2013 and Forex Teemo is banking in

less-than-expected 100% annually.

Jan 2014 – $60,000.00
Jan 2015 – $120,000.00
Jan 2016 – $240,000.00
Jan 2017 – $480,000.00
Jan 2018 – $960,000.00

Forex Teemo can take your $30,000.00 account to $1 million in 5 years at 100% growth per year. Note

that Forex Teemo always beat that 100% target and your journey to the million-dollar trading account

would realistically be shorter than 5 years.

While trading Forex involves high risk, it’s our (average Joes) best shot to hit the million dollar

target with tiny startup capital. Unless:

  1. You’re gonna marry rich soon
  2. You inherit that from your great grand uncle who was a millionaire without kids

If you have the money you could afford to lose, give Forex Teemo a shot and I promise you that it’ll be the best decision

that you have ever made in your life.


  • $599 /3 months
  • Basic Quarterly

  • 1 License
  • Up To $25,000 Account
  • Priority Support
  • No Contract – Cancel Anytime
  • Money Back Guarantee

60% OFF

  • $999 /yr
  • Basic Yearly

  • 1 License
  • Up To $25,000 Account
  • Priority Support
  • No Contract – Cancel Anytime
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • $1,999 /yr
  • Premium Yearly

  • 1 License
  • $25,001 To $100,000 Account
  • Priority Support
  • No Contract – Cancel Anytime
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Quote /
  • Institutional

  • Licenses Negotiable
  • No Capital Limit
  • Priority Phone & Email Support
  • No Contract – Cancel Anytime
  • Money Back Guarantee


Weekly Forex analysis and our views on the current market and economy.

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Automated Forex Signals

The Key Advantages of Automated Forex Trading

It will be hard to find anybody that could argue against the moneymaking potential of the Forex mark...